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Authorized Distributor of
EUKLID GearCAM system

Dear Customer,
We EUKLID KOREA is focusing to supply 3X CADCAM system as well as more diversified 4 & 5X CAM system with the technologies and know-how accumulated over the years.
In addition, we are supplying GearCAM system which can mill various high precision gears and special gears on the 4 & 5X machining centers together with our technical support.

Since its founding in 1994, EUKLID KOREA has not only sold software, but has provided direct visits and always-on remote support to customers in China, Taiwan, India and Korea.
We are always working hard to develop new versions by providing solutions that fit the customer's needs and site conditions.

In the future, we will continue to strive to supply and support EUKLID CAD/CAM SYSTEM and EUKLID GearCAM SYSTEM with improved functions and performance.

We will think from the customer's point of view, strive for customer development, and strive to become EUKLID KOREA that develops together with customers.
Thank you.

CEO and all staffs of EUKLID KOREA